Tugan Batyr is a brand that has reached the international level and united many projects and directions: namely books, animated series, sports tournaments, amusement park, branded goods, etc.

The entire universe united by a common concept and heroes-representatives of the Eastern part of the world is being developed and grown.

The mission of the Tugan Batyr project is to attract the interest of children and youth to their native history and culture, including spiritual values and national traditions, as well as to strengthen friendship and mutual respect of peoples.
The first fairy-tale novel from a series of books written by Zulfat Hakim about Tugan Batyr is called "Legends of Tugan Batyr".
The reader would learn about Tugan Batyr when he was under 10 years old.
But at the age of 11, he has already accomplished a feat. After finding out about the adventures and brave deeds of Tugan, you will assure yourself that the Motherland has borders, but the love for it has none. Dads and moms, grandparents, relatives and friends, native places and father's home are dear to us all. We love them immensely and that is the love for the Motherland.
It is this love that contains the source of Tugan Batyr's power, his devotion to the native Land and his people.
There are also dark powers in this fairy tale that sow evil and bring suffering to people. They are present in all fairy tales, as well as in life itself. When looking at such evil characters, the children try to be unlike them.
Tugan Batyr will surely defeat all those who seek to bring troubles and misfortunes to people.
Welcome to the fabulous world!


1 490 ₽
The second book written by Zulfat Hakim about Tugan Batyr is called "Tugan Batyr and the Saber of Truth".
It will tell you about new exciting adventures of the hero. In search of a wonder saber, Tugan Batyr finds himself far from his Motherland and undergoes difficult tests. Once again, his main help-mates are intelligence, endurance and loyal friends. But his main weapon is a kind and truthful heart.
1 490 ₽
The experts have developed an animated cover of the book "Tugan Batyr", created using AR (augmented reality). Readers are allowed to "revive" the cover using a smartphone.

In future they plan to add an animation technology to all pages of the book and also develop a mobile game with fairy tale characters.
We are destined to live on this tiny and fragile planet being embraced by the infinite universe. Sometimes it seems that we have a dream of a lifetime. Sometimes we feel like in a fairy tale awake, especially when happy moments. Nonetheless a fairy tale called life is written by us together and individually. So it depends on each of us what the end of this fairy tale will be: tragic or happy?

Zulfat Hakim

Be sure to keep and carry within the beautiful fairy tales, which allowed you to learn distinguishing good from evil, as well as to feel the border between the light and darkness. Prevent the light lit by the bright children's fairy tales from fading within. Carry their light and goodness along the path of life, since they are required for the next generations. Take care of your native language, in which the most affectionate words and surprisingly bright fairy tales sounded! Love the native Land, where native people who speak this uniquely warm language reside! Let the favorite fairy tale characters accompany you all way long, and let your life be fabulously bright!

Abdrakhmanov Radik Mukharlyamovich

Everything changes on Earth, but life goes on. Since the earliest times, the previous generation is replaced by the next one. The states collapsed, but the new ones emerged. The cities disappeared, but other ones have been built. However, this turbulent world has invariably preserved the desire for goodness and light in people. Even in the darkest times, people believed and continues to believe in miracles. And those happen because people always believe in them. Fairy tales, legends, and lores served people faithfully for that purpose. Sometimes a fairy tale does not seem invented, since if it is real, it is certainly merged with the truth of life. All kinds of arts teach people to live, where a fairy tale plays a special part in people's lives.

Kamil Hazrat Samigullin

the Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan, a mufti of Tatarstan.
The co-founder of the Tugan Avylym National Tourist Complex, a member of the Public Council at the Investment Development Agency of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Vice-President of ARIO, the President of the Grappling Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan, the founder of the Tugan Batyr project
People's writer of the Republic of Tatarstan. Laureate of the Republic of Tatarstan state prize named after Ğabdulla Tuqay.
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